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This is one of my favorite podcasts so far on how to market your voice over business. Click here to watch!

VO Buzz Weekly is fast becoming my go-to podcast to watch about the VO industry. They have great guests every week and they are truly fun to watch. Their content is relevant to those who are just starting out in the industry, but for those who are accomplished voice over talent, you can still learn great tips and ideas that will improve your voice over business.

This last week’s podcast was no exception. Stacey J. Aswad and Chuck Duran, co-hosts of VO Buzz Weekly, had as their special guest Bill DeWees, who is one of the greats in the voice over industry. Bill has been doing voice over work full-time for the last nine years, and is a former e-Learning consultant as well as a marketing guru. While he calls himself a “reluctant coach,” his video content on how to make it in the VO business is top-notch.

Click here to find out more about Bill DeWees and his education programs:

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