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How many times have you auditioned for a job on and you thought you sounded brilliant, but no one picked you for the gig? I have experienced this quite a bit, so I wondered if it might have been the sound quality of my studio.

Right now, I record my custom demos in a closet. Is this ideal? Well, no, not exactly, but I don’t have the luxury of unused space with a family of six in a four bedroom home. The negotiations with my wife as to where to set up my recording studio went back and forth, and because I love my spouse and appreciate her tolerance for my dreams of being a voice over talent, we agreed on a location.

It’s not very large, maybe 4’x6,’ with customized sound dampening. I bought some moving blankets and nailed those to the walls, and I stacked some blankets on the overhead shelf. I have two small tables for my laptop and sound equipment, and a music stand for my scripts. It’s a tight fit, with not a lot of room to move around. It gets warm in the summer time as there is no vent in the closet, so I am constantly opening the door between my recordings and when I edit those demos.

I have also paid for personalized, one-on-one coaching, where my voice coach and I went over the sound recordings that were made in my new sound booth. I was able to reach consistent sound levels between -45 dB and -50 dB, which is pretty good for the fact that our house is located in a subdivision less than 300 yards from railroad tracks. I use Audacity for my recording software, so he gave me some pointers on how to use certain effects, such as normalize, noise reduction, high pass filter, compressor, and equalizer. That was money well spent!

So after all of this, I have a better sense for how my voice sounds, and I hope that those who listen to my custom demos like what they hear and will hire me for their project.


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  1. My name is Dawn Maxfield and I am a Professional Voiceover Artist, as accredited by the World Voices Organisation. I am originally from the UK, and I currently live in Las Vegas. I can record for any of your voiceover projects, including Narration, E-learning, Documentaries, Commercials, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Voicemails and IVR, Radio and DJ Drops and many more!

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