May The Voice Be With You!


Hello, my name is Taylor Stonely, and I am a voiceover talent in the Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. While I am new to the industry as a paid voiceover artist, I have been developing my voice for many years. Ever since high school, random people have told me that I have a voice for radio. I even chose to major in Communications my freshman year of college with the intent to pursue a career in that very field, but life happens and things change.

Instead, I chose to pursue a business career and have spent the bulk of my professional life in sales, marketing, and customer service. I learned from a very early age that how you say something with your voice is more important than what you actually say, and have spent many years mastering this craft.

I also was raised in a musical family and have enjoyed singing, mostly in choirs both big and small, but also in solos and duets with my youngest daughter. My rich, bass voice has been known to carry our church choir, and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of singing new music. My musical preference is towards religious tomes, from African American spirituals to Handel’s Messiah, from Christian hymns (the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s rendition of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” is my all-time favorite song) to modern-day  LDS song writers, such as Janice Kapp Perry, Lex de Azevedo and Sally DeFord.

So, one day, a guy at work told me that I should look into voiceover work, and instead of saying, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before,” I asked him how that worked. He pointed me in the direction of the Internet, and as I researched the voice industry further, I saw how it has evolved and grown tremendously in the last few years. Even five to ten years ago, if you wanted to be a voiceover talent, you had to invest a small fortune in voice acting, studio time, CD creation, etc., which was a barrier to people new to the industry. Nowdays, the costs of entry into the business of voice has come down significantly. Anyone with a desire to showcase their talent can do so by setting up a relatively inexpensive home studio and harnessing the power of the Internet to send custom and professional demos, all around the world!

I was hooked.

While my primary desire to do voiceover work was monetary, I quickly saw it as an opportunity to pursue something that I love to do, which is to talk. To persuade. To entertain. To convince someone that what I was selling was exactly what they needed. And to educate minds, young and old, about the important things in life.

So join me in my journey, as I move forward in this effort. I want this blog to be a resource to those who are new to the voice industry, and I hope to encourage and to inspire you as you encourage and inspire me!


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