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Can I do voice over work part time?

Lately, I have been getting questions from friends and family that sound eerily similar to the same questions that I had when I started looking into doing voice over work. Questions like, “If I just wanted to do this part time is it worth it?” and “What can you typically […]

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How to build a mini sound booth for less than $25

For those of you on a budget, I came across the perfect video that describes how to build a mini sound booth for less than $25. Check this out: Thanks, Les McDonald for this great idea! Related articles across the web Do The Miami Heat Use Fake Crowd Noise? Execs […]

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Do you have what it takes?

Every now and then, as I research the voice over business, I come across a true gem of knowledge. The gem I found today was “The Voice Over Entrance Exam” by Peter K. O’Connell, which is a frank, yet honest discussion about whether or not people who enter this field have […]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever heard the phrase, “An Attitude of Gratitude?” For those of you who might be unfamiliar with that term, you might recognize it as, “Looking through rose-colored glasses,” or for those who are more politically inclined, “Positive spin.” Whatever your persuasion, I’ve been reflecting on this phrase this […]

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Finding a Voiceover coach

If you are serious about becoming a voice talent, the topic of having a voiceover coach is an important one, and here’s why. When most people “peek” into this business,they want to do everything themselves. They read a number of blog posts, they find a gem or two, and their […]

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Unseen by Molly Mahar

Unseen, a short film by Molly Mahar, explores the day-to-day life of four voiceover artists. You’ll understand better the challenges that they face and experience the thrill of a job well done as they work tirelessly in their craft. In a career that can sometimes feel very lonely and isolated, you’ll […]

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How to get started in voiceover

Every day that I research the voiceover industry, I am amazed at the amount of information that is available about this fascinating business! There is no substitute for advice from the experts as they have gone before and have forged the trail, if you will. One such expert is Steve […]

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FaffCamp II – San Antonio, TX

For those of you who are interested in attending an professionally-hosted and industry-recognized voiceover conference, I give you FaffCamp II, which is designed for both new voice talent and those who are voice talent pros! The following is a $25 promo code for FaffCamp II: VT10262529 I just registered (this is my […]

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Voices of Experience – a free e-book

Another great find in my journey through the voiceover industry! A free e-book about the in’s and out’s of the business from those with experience in the business. Click here to get your free copy of “Voices of Experience” by Doug Turkel. Related articles across the web history: more VoiceOver […]

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Basic Voiceover Equipment

When I first dipped my toe into the world of voice over, I wondered what type of equipment that I would need. Because I am by no means an expert on sound equipment, there are a few basics that I needed to learn if I was going to create a home studio. […]

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