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There was a fascinating blog this week written by Paul Strikwerda about how blogging can make a difference for a voice over artist. His blog just passed the 35k mark of subscribers, and he said he owes his success to three words:

Content, Personality, and Promotion

This is nothing new to those of you who may have already started blogging, or if you love to read about a particular topic and you tend to gravitate towards those who provide interesting and unique content. This particular phrase jumped out at me. “News is outdated the moment it is published. Analysis lasts much longer.” What Strikwerda does is take a news event and puts his opinion on it, thus making it unique, but also relevant for a lot longer.

It struck me that blogging is a learnable skill, something that you can get good at if you try hard. If one is dedicated to writing unique content that lets their personality shine through, the promotion will take care of itself as readers want to share what they just read.

But branding is a lot harder.

My latest reading material is an e-book called “Will the Real You Please Stand Up” by Kim GarstIn it, Garst hits on the theme of authenticity, why it is important, and how telling your brand’s story can create authenticity. It starts with knowing who your audience is, and then providing them with content that speaks to that audience. Pulling them along instead of pushing product. Creating passion for an idea that resonates, which is then shared with others.

That is what creates authenticity.

I definitely recommend reading it all the way through as Garst provides excellent real-life examples of failures and successes with creating a brand loyalty that leads to commercial success.

More to come on this topic!



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