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I’ve produced my demos, now what?

So, I got my voice over demos back finally from my production company, and let me tell you, I was very excited! I immediately shared them with those that follow me on Facebook, as well as posted them on my Demos page on my blog. I asked for honest feedback […]

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Training your voice – what to care about

For those of you who are committed to being the best voice over talent that you can be, you will need to care about your voice so that it becomes your most powerful tool in your arsenal. This is, after all, the reason you got into the voice over business in […]

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Unseen by Molly Mahar

Unseen, a short film by Molly Mahar, explores the day-to-day life of four voiceover artists. You’ll understand better the challenges that they face and experience the thrill of a job well done as they work tirelessly in their craft. In a career that can sometimes feel very lonely and isolated, you’ll […]

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