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Voiceover Career

A most excellent interview with Guy Harris, the Voiceover Guy

In my never ending research, I often come in contact with some fascinating individuals who have proven themselves to be successful in this crazy voice over industry. Guy Harris is one of the most successful VO talents that I have met to date, and he kindly agreed to answer some burning […]

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Can I do voice over work part time?

Lately, I have been getting questions from friends and family that sound eerily similar to the same questions that I had when I started looking into doing voice over work. Questions like, “If I just wanted to do this part time is it worth it?” and “What can you typically […]

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Unseen by Molly Mahar

Unseen, a short film by Molly Mahar, explores the day-to-day life of four voiceover artists. You’ll understand better the challenges that they face and experience the thrill of a job well done as they work tirelessly in their craft. In a career that can sometimes feel very lonely and isolated, you’ll […]

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