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Father’s Day reflection

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I love dad

I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be a father. To me, it mean providing support for my family, both for their physical beings as well as their spiritual needs. If that means sacrificing a little bit of time away from work to go camping with my son, or buying a plane ticket for my daughter to go off to college, then I guess I’m all in.

But I believe that being a father is not as valued in today’s society as it once was. We pay homage in the media to sports heroes who tend to credit their moms more than their dads for their successes. Don’t get me wrong, moms intuitively do more for their kids in nurturing them, taking them to practices, wiping away their tears from scraped knees, cheering them on when they succeed. But where are the fathers?

They are working overtime in order to put food on the table. They are staying late at work, but when they can, they slip away to catch the game in the stands. And they quietly beam with pride as others loudly celebrate the heroics of their kids’ efforts on the field. Their kids may not notice the dads standing with their moms, but they are there.

And when the daughter excitedly recounts the activities of the day to her father, he will listen to the words so as to pull out the life lesson that he will then gently reinforce as only a dad can do. He will affectionately hug her tight in a way that tells her she is protected and safe. And he will fall asleep with a smile on his face because he knows that he will be doing it all again tomorrow. And he’s OK with that. What other reason is there to do what dad’s do, if not for his family?

So on this Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to remember the quiet lessons that we have learned from our dads. That reflection is all the praise that they need in order to keep on keepin’ on.

THANK you, dad, and God bless you until we meet again…


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