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What makes a website great? Free stuff! Here are just a few of the things that I have found in my journey through the voiceover industry:


“Voices of Experience” by Doug Turkel – one-on-one interviews of  some of the most successful voice over artists in the industry

“Personal Voice Over Story” by John Melley – a fascinating and humorous story about how John got started in the voice over business

“The Voice Over Entrance Exam” by Peter K. O’Connell – a frank, but honest, discussion about entering the voice over field as told by someone with over 27 years of experience



“7 Things Voice Over Report” by Bill DeWees – an audio, condensed version of Bill’s book found below. Sign up on his website and you will get this download for free

“EWABS” by Dan and George – a weekly podcast where two gurus talk about every subject imaginable related to the voice over industry. A free resource, but donations are certainly welcome


How-To Videos:

“Voiceover Input Levels” and “Voiceover Output Levels” – two must-see videos about how to set your input and output levels so that your audition meets the professional levels expected by clients

“Audio How To Get Professional Sounding Mix” – YouTube video that show how to mix tracks using Audacity

“Audacity: A Walk Through on the Basics of Editing Audio Using Audacity” – 44-min YouTube video that goes more in-depth on how to use this free audio software

“How to build a mini sound booth for under $25” by Les McDonald – a quick YouTube video that shows how to make a simple sound booth that fits on your desk, provides excellent sound reduction, and won’t break the bank

“5 VO Tips in 5 Days – Tip #1” by Bill DeWees – a series of videos highlighting the five most important things to remember when doing voice over work. Here are Tip #2, Tip #3, Tip #4 and Tip #5

“How to Make a Voiceover Demo” by the Voice Over Pals – a quick video from two successful VO talents on how easy it is to make a voice over demo. Couldn’t stop laughing!


Free Advice:

“How to get started in voiceover” by Steve Pumphrey – a comprehensive list of everything you need to know for those just starting out

“Get off the wheel!” by Terry Daniel – a call-to-action post by someone who knows that all the research in the world will not substitute for actual effort

“How To Do A Successful Voice Over – 8 Steps” by – a simple step-by-step list of how to sound natural when doing a recording



“16 Tools That Maximize Productivity and Help Marketers Get More Done” by Ben Oren – a list of free and inexpensive tools that every marketer should have if they need a little help with organization, efficiency, and/or focus


NOT Free, but well worth the price:

“How to Start and Build a SIX FIGURE Voice Over Business” by Bill DeWees – a must-read by someone who actually makes a living doing voiceover work, through a combination of voicecraft and business acumen. An Amazon Editor’s Favorite Books of the Year – 2014 winner

“VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor” by Harlan Hogan – another must-read about the voice over business from someone who is one of the “most distinguished voice-over talents” in the country



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