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I’ve produced my demos, now what?

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So, I got my voice over demos back finally from my production company, and let me tell you, I was very excited! I immediately shared them with those that follow me on Facebook, as well as posted them on my Demos page on my blog. I asked for honest feedback from family and friends, and then I started to wonder, “Now what?”

I mean, I’ve been planning this moment for a while. During the 7 weeks that it took from when I recorded them in Oct. 2014 to now, I created this blog, I read several e-books (listed here, for those of you looking for something to read this holiday season) and I did a lot of research on the voice over industry. I listened to a ton of YouTube videos on every subject imaginable about how to nail the audition, what tools to use for my growing business, and I gained a healthy respect for those that have gone before me in this crazy industry! I created a mini-booth for my mic, and I bought a Kaotica Ball to dampen out the room noise. I continued to audition for, and I even got my daughter on board (tentatively) to help me promote myself by sending out targeted emails to production companies.

And now, I start to wonder, “Where should I focus my time?”

Since July 1st of this year, I have literally spent hundreds of hours — coaching, reading, learning, promoting — pursuing this new venture of mine, and now I’ve reached that pivotal moment. That moment where I need to execute on my (mostly) planned out business plan.

You see, I have never been one to write down goals for myself. To me, the very act of writing it down compels me to do stuff to accomplish said goal. “But that’s the point of goals. To compel you to action!” And then I start to play the “What if?” game. “What if those actions are a waste of time?” or “What if I spend money that I can ill afford to lose and that gets me nowhere?” or, my favorite, “What if no one wants to hire me?”

So, here I am, at 7am on a Saturday morning, writing down my thoughts, fears, hopes, doubts, and dreams. I am deciding to… continue on! I have laid down a strong foundation of knowledge, and I am flexible and teachable. I may need to work on being more patient and to just let the experience mold me into a professional voice over talent. But most importantly, I am motivated!

Sometimes (maybe most of the time) it is simply having a positive attitude that everything will turn out the way that it is supposed to.

Because, in the end, it is all about the journey, and what is learned and who you meet along the way.

Enjoy the journey!


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