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Since I am new to the voiceover industry, I have spent many hours on the Internet reading everything there is to know about how to be successful as a voice talent. Here are a few of the pages that I have come across so far that have been helpful to me:

Bob Souer: Professional Story Teller – a blog written by someone who has been a professional voice talent for over 30 years. His site includes articles about the industry that go back as far as May 2005 (a lifetime in web years!) as well as blogs/websites of other artists in the business. Mark this as a favorite! I have. – the site for voiceover talent and those hiring voiceover work. An easy-to-use website that allows you to set up a free profile for 30 days before making a modest monetary commitment (currently $39.95/mo. or $349/yr.) towards the Premium membership. Also includes such featured resources as Vox Daily (blog) and Vox Talk (podcast) with archives of previous posts and podcasts. The power of this site is the matching of voice talent and the agencies that need those artists. – this website was started in 1998 and is recognized as the service that “put the voice over industry online.” Their voice-over audition system is the most widely used casting software on the Web. It is used by more than 1600 top Ad Agencies, Animation Houses & TV/Film Studios, Independent Producers, Production Facilities and Casting Directors (voice over and theatrical) around the world. While I am still exploring this site (premium membership is currently only $10 per month), I found the Career Tracker section full of great options, from Weekly Workouts, which provides you with exposure to talent agents and casting directors, constructive critiques of your practice audition, and personalized suggestions given by the guest director, to Competitive Demo, where a panel of experts will tell you if your demo is competitive and ready to be heard, or needs work. Some require additional payment, of course, but they know what they are doing.

I will continue to write about other sites that I come across them. Good luck!


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