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What I learned at FaffCamp 2015

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When I signed up to attend FaffCamp II 2015 in San Antonio, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. After all, I had never gone to one of these conferences, so there was a lot of anticipation and just a little bit of angst as the time grew closer. But, I shouldn’t have been worried.

Not only was a ton of industry knowledge shared with those in attendance, everyone that I spoke with was so friendly and helpful! A group of like-minded individuals, a bunch who were new to the VO community, all gathered together to rub shoulders with some of the most seasoned veterans of the voice over world. There were voice talents, coaches and production directors, such as Peter K. O’Connell, Cliff Zellman, Heather Costa, Lauren McCullough, Bob Souer, Dan Friedman, Brad Venable, Karyn O’Bryant, David Goldberg, and Tom Dheere, just to name a few.

The advice came from everywhere, most of it helpful, and the stories shared were funny, fantastic, and insightful. We learned not to take ourselves so seriously that we don’t enjoy what we are doing. There was great advice given on how to develop a business plan and a marketing plan. There were ideas coming from everywhere, specifically on how to succeed and perservere.

For me, the best part of the weekend was the two and a half hours spent on telling us how to self-direct, which was a workshop run by David Goldberg on Friday night. We watched as colleagues attempted to read a script as David handed out advice throughout, just little tips and tricks to the trade. I even learned what a glottal stop is and how to avoid lazy mouth. That session alone was worth every penny.

Add that to a little rest and relaxation with the wife, who benefitted greatly from the alone time she had reading a book and walking around the famous Riverwalk, and it was weekend well-spent.

Now I have a new spark to my game and a lot of to-do’s to get done! Enjoy the rest of your week…


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